It Took Me Awhile to Come Up with a Career Plan

I felt that not many things in life were interesting. I had a few hobbies that I liked, but it was irritating that the adults in my life kept pushing me toward figuring out what to do in life when I had no idea what I should be doing. I liked music, playing ball and hanging out with my friends. That was about it. Then one day, a friend invited me to spend time with him at a music studio. That was the very day that I decided I was interested in music production school as a life-long career. My parents thought that was great, but they were leery of whether I personally had the tenacity to stick with it. I wanted to prove them wrong.

My buddies and I had always enjoyed going to concerts. I am the one who was always buying books and magazines that focused on bands and songs. I would analyze them and then come up with my own songs and beats. But even though I did that, it never connected in my mind that I should do it for a living. My parents sometimes tried to push me in that direction, but I always pushed back. I know that they were very worried for me. I love sports, but you can’t make a living out of that if you’re not very good. I was not very good. And you cannot make money from hanging out with your friends, even though that is a lot of fun.

When my friend invited me to a music studio, it was because he was laying down some tracks for a new album. He had been singing for years, but I had not spent all that much time with him before and had no idea he had just landed a contract. But that day was life changing for me. I analyzed what the sound engineers were doing, and realized I understood much of it by intuition. I signed up for classes the next day!

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