A Tribute Performance to Sweeten the Deal

It is very rare in the business world when you have the chance of a lifetime like I was given not long ago. I have brought in clients on a regular basis. Some were small, and some were larger companies. It has always been a nice mix that has kept my bosses happy, and it helped me climb the corporate ladder into an executive position. When I was given the opportunity to host a huge potential client looking for a new company to work with, I knew that I was going to hire a corporate entertainment company to help me woo them even more.

I had done my homework, and I knew that the owner of the company I wanted was a huge Amy Winehouse fan. I am as well. I knew that there was an entertainment company that had a singer who looked and sounded just like Amy Winehouse, so I made some calls to see if I could secure her performance for something I was planning. I also knew that this owner liked soccer, so I decided to have the tribute singer come to the box seats that we have and give a small concert there.

Between watching his favorite team play and listening and watching a tribute singer performing some of his favorite songs, I knew that it was just sweetening the pot for him. I knew that what my company could offer was enough on its own, but I wanted this man to understand just how far we go to make sure all of our clients are satisfied. He later told me that we are the only ones who had done our homework like that. The soccer game was a nice touch, but he told me that the tribute singer was what made him realize just how far we will go to secure him as a client. The rest is history!

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