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A Diet to Promote Liver Healing After Heavy Alcohol Use

Heavy drinking – defined as more than 14 alcoholic drinks a week for men and more than 7 for women – contributes to a wide range of health problems and is the cause of nearly 16,000 deaths relating to liver disease in the United States each year. While easier said than done, acknowledging a problem […]

Healthy Eating Habits: Improve Your Personal Life by Eating Right Food

People are always looking for the things that can improve their lives and make their existence worthwhile. Some of these people who are looking for improvements in their lives forget to remind themselves about the importance of eating the right food. You should remember that success is only achieved when the different aspects of your […]

Homes and allergies

There are many rooms within a home and one of the most frequently used of them is the kitchen. You will be preparing food here and this is an essential part of everyday life.  While most people will only think about the layout of their kitchen when they are designing it there are others that […]

Gluten Free Bread Brands for Better Health

Gluten is a protein composition found in processed foods like pastries and breads. It comes from grains, wheat, rye and barley. It allows dough to rise and keep its shape which provides a chewy and elastic finish product, and it also works as an added preservative to food. Gluten can also be used for cosmetic […]