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Bopis Pinoy Cooking

  Bopis. Bopis is a spicy Filipino dish made out of pork lungs and heart sautéed in tomatoes, chilies and onions. Bopis is a popular turo-turo dish and its exotic taste is surely one dish to crave for! Bopis is a uniquely Filipino dish traditionally prepared from assorted pig parts. These assorted parts are usually […]

Crispy Pata Pinoy Food

  Crispy Pata. Crispy pata means deep fried pata with a crunchy rind and soft and moist meat inside. Pata is the front or hind leg of the pig. In the Philippines, that means the leg and the trotters (knuckles). Crispy Pata is a famous Filipino pork dish that uses a whole pig’s leg. The […]

Chicken Curry

  Chicken Curry. Curry dish is often associated with Indian cuisine which uses curry powder and Thai food powered by curry paste. Filipinos have adopted their version of this delicacy and cooked to suit Pinoy taste, with potatoes coming off European influence and coconut milk as an common ingredient. People of different race and origin […]

Beef Nilaga (Nilagang Baka) Pinoy Recipes

  Beef Nilaga or Nilagang Baka. Nilaga means boiled; baka means beef. Nilagang Baka or boiled beef is a fairly easy dish to prepare. It only involves one basic process which is boiling. To be more specific, the boiling involved in cooking Nilagang Baka refers to slow cooking. This dish is very similar to Bulalo, […]

Pinakbet Filipino Food

  Pinakbet. Pakbet tagalog is a tasty vegetable dish made-up of different fresh vegetables, pork, and shrimp paste. This dish is a variation of the popular dish, Pakbet Ilokano, that originated from the Ilocos Region. This recipe is comprised of different vegetables such as eggplant (talong), squash (kalabasa), sting beans (sitaw), ampalaya (bitter melon), okra, […]