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I need to make a large sliced ​​beef casserole – no beans, legumes, or green veggies. Any ideas?

of mia3mom question of thejanith : I demand to brand a size sliced ​​longhorn dish – no bean, legume, or greenness vegetable. Any thought? I have several nutrient allergy and impatience, the dark-green bean and vegetable are away. I ofttimes do a spaghetti dish, but would appreciate any signaling with tonic idea. The longhorn’s cooking […]

i want to make a meal for my other half but he has diabetes?

of mia3mom question from lala : aid i neediness to brand a repast for my other but he has dm ?He always cooks for me. And I neediness to surprise him one day with a meal …But he has nature 2 diabetes and if I remember correctly he has allergy to seafood.Now what could I […]

1years old with allergy’s / foods to make?

enquiry by Erica T : 1years old with allergy’s / foods to brand My girl will be 1 twelvemonth yore and she tin not have:milkwheateggssoy beanspeanutsCooking is not a job for me i adoration to cook, i just would sort ot no if anyone had any recipe with putout these nutrient in them Thanks Best […]

What meal can I make without milk or peanut oil?

of ubershibs question from Shannon : What repast tin I brand without humour or pod lipoid My boyfriend is allergic to nut and milk, this makes cooking for him slightly difficult. I was just wondering if anyone know any recipes that are deedbox for people with these allergies.thanks! Best Answer: Answer by ananymous roasted chicken, […]

What is a really good recipe that I can make for my family?

of mia3mom question of Gonzo : What is a really commonweal formula that I tin brand for my house I have little cooking skill but the willingness to do the biggest assigning of cooking on the Hesperus. My parents would recognizing me cooking during the week So They can relax. So what is a really […]